June 5, 2016: Happy Health Update

Happy health update for our families and friends:
1. I have qualified for a clinical trial being led by a doctor out of Yale! They will work with me/my team here in OKC right out of OU Stephenson Cancer Center: I have my own research team and the expenses are all paid for through their trial. We won’t know which group (test or control) I am in until June 14. Please join us in prayer that I am randomized into the test group so I may receive the “bi weekly antibody infusions” in addition to my targeted therapy systemic treatment pills.
2. I start my sJune 5 2016 Boston and Bentleyystemic treatment June 17, which was calculated on ending radiation and reducing steroid (for brain swelling) medicines appropriately. This treatment is not “chemo” but a specific (new) pill form of treatment Tarceva developed for my kind of stage 4 cancer with the EGFR gene mutation I was blessed with! Without that mutation, I would have been set on general chemos to try.
3. We thought radiation was over but after another PET scan review the doctor team decided my lower s
eat area, hips, and right leg need 5 more days of radiation to shrink more masses so I am not at risk of fracturing bones or sustaining perm nerve damages, which is great because I can barely hold my baby without feeling like I’ll drop her through my numb right leg. Join us in prayer this week for these last 5 days of zapping!
4. My hair came out about 95% but since I won’t be on chemo it will grow back! My face and belly are super swollen from the first rounds of radiation but doctors said will go down soon. My other side effects have been much more manageable other than an increase in lack of sleep but everyone agrees it’s normal for my mind to be a little busy right now!
5. We feel GOOD about our plan. I am on specific researched supplements & a balanced diet and will be documenting all of the details on my page that is still in the works!

6. Doctors maintain there is no “cure” for my rare case but they’re also confident in the management moving forward. 

I maintain “He does great things too marvelous to understand. He performs countless miracles.”
Job 5:9 NLT






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