June 7, 2016: Friendships


I have made some life changing friendships through the years in school (Temecula, CA, Tucson, AZ and Edmond, OK), working, my Edmond neighborhood, church (our women’s LifeGroup and people referring new friends over to our group that is hosted at my home bi weekly where we fellowship and follow the Propel Women curriculum together), and many other God-only ways.

When I say these people are life changing, I mean it. What I know is that coming to know Christ made me NEW. Not a better version of me, but a BRAND NEW me. I think my “pre Christ” friends and family can attest to this, although I still make daily mistakes and fall short. So for someone reading this, please don’s confuse what being made new in Christ really means.

Anyways, one way to know Christ and to feel this NEWNESS in life is through LOVE. Christ centered friends like mine LOVE on me in a way that is unconditional, constant, and real. They remind me of God’s love daily. They show up, they challenge me, they support me. Some days I feel like I don’t deserve them and that love and then scripture reminds me that yes, I do deserve that and so does everyone else! Amazing.

This last month, my friends drove me to radiation appointments, drove across the country to visit, checked in on me daily, prepared meals for our family, put together care packages, lit prayer candles for me in other countries, made handmade things like cookies and quilts (who does that???? not me!), mowed our lawn, and prayed with us. We are forever grateful.

I love you all. So very much.

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