May 25, 2016: Last Day of Radiation (we thought)

Girls day at the Center to celebrate my last day of radiation… Aren’t the gardens beautiful! It was Bentley’s first time to join us, so my team who’s heard nothing else about my life over the last 2 weeks enjoyed meeting her!

Ill have follow up scans in about one month to see how well the radiation tackled the brain, spine, and hip cancer they targeted. From what they say, cancer cells don’t stand a chance against radiation so as I sit here with sweats, a sick tummy, and a pulsating head I’ll keep reminding myself that it’s all working and the toxins are fleeing far away. For now, surgery in any one area is not an option because of how widespread the cancer is but the doctors are confident in our next steps… Which is where I have the best news for you all!!! 

The Mayo Clinic got all of my genetic testing back (it’s absolutely incredible to me that doctors all over the nation talk about me and my case… The science behind everyone’s specialties is mind boggling. I’m so thankful for a lead Doctor here who explains everything so well for the non-scientific kind like me!) and they confirmed that I have one of three potential mutations called EGFR. What this means is that I qualify for “targeted therapy” rather than general chemo, which is developed for me to go right after the disease (which again, started in my left lung and makes zero sense for my age and health). The treatment plan will be under way next Thursday after they allow my body to recoup from these last ten radiation sessions. Clinical trials are still on the table so if there are more aggressive routes and research to try, we will stay diligent in prayer leading us through those options.

Adam and our families couldn’t do this without all of you and I am so blessed to call each of you friends and community members. We feel your love every day so immensely.

God is bigger than disease. But God is also bigger than our understanding here on earth so I want to continue my shares with everyone understanding that my strength is not in myself (although ‪#‎jenistrong‬ is quite motivating!!) but truly in Him.

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