May 22, 2016: Radiation & Health Update

I’ve finished 7 days of my full brain and spine/hip radiation and have 3 more to go until this round is finished. Each session takes about 40 minutes but every minute spent at the Stephenson Cancer Center is well intentioned with the best care teams (we even have valet parking). My radiation team has become my positive vibes family: setting up my room with country music, allowing us the time to pray before each bout, and welcoming my special visitors who want to learn more about the process. I’ll be documenting photos this week with them for a fun post later. They’re real rock stars.

We won’t know how well radiation “worked” for a bit of time because the scans are so intrinsic but the team is confident that cancer cells can’t really survive radiation, which is a good thing that I was a candidate to start so soon.

The pathology results are still with the Mayo Clinic regarding the gene mutations they are looking for, but we hope that by Tuesday our doctors will know those results and will be putting together a systemic full body treatment plan together (will know results from PET scan then too). This is what’s known as chemo, but there are hundreds of types all catered to specific cancers so we just don’t know what this next season will look like yet. This may or may not include clinical trials. If we can stay in OKC, we will as we know home is where healing happens but if we are called to travel to another facility, we of course will be on board with recommended research. It’s all pending what the results say and what options they can come up with to go after the rest of the widespread cancer (standards of care + trials). We are also attacking this disease as holistically as possible through diet, supplements, oils, and audacious prayer thanks to so many people pouring resources over us!

Symptoms through radiation have been tolerable! My leg is weaker by the day but is most likely nerve related to spinal cord pressure.. There are worst things I know so I have no complaints. I am sleepy and weak(ish) but still have my hair and a happy baby at home- what more does a mommy need?!

The donations, prayers, notes, gifts, everything… Overwhelming. We are shown God’s love through you all and feel so supported and strong. Thank you for being interested and challenging your day to reflection and prayer. Keep considering Jesus. He loves us in every circumstance, even radiation!

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