May 26, 2016: Bentley, my angel

Last night Beni girl and mommy had some nice R&R together. Her innocence and smiles wash away so many fears of mine. How can anyone dwell on an internal sickness with such a sweet creation to live for!
(Animal towel hoodies for the win every single bath time!!)

MMay 26 2016 Bentleyy doctors have said Bentley isn’t at risk for anything that I have so we praise God for that and the miracles of our amazing pregnancy/ L&D experiences. We can’t comprehend how she grew inside of me, me being so symptom free until 7 weeks PP. Only God. 

Because I can’t drive myself and Adam has gone back to his amazing work our families have really rallied around us to care for Bentley while we’ve split time every which way through the craziest couple of weeks. She has the life, let me tell you! Hard for mama to take back seats in some regard but I can’t imagine our families being out of state and not able to be here. So much to be thankful for.

We have been told though that future pregnancies are not in the “medical picture” for us so we have struggled with that these past two weeks just readjusting dreams and plans. We love our blended family and are open to whatever is in store for us long term as parents. Getting ahead of myself as usual, but living in each day and moment has put so much into perspective and I want to hug and love on so many women and families who have/had struggles with pregnancies or adoption processes. All I know is there is nothing Jesus leaves us abandoned in… Even the most personal topics when we think “what scripture or message or inner voice can help me through this today?” He is working and His word is relevant. We just need to stay intentional and lean in to those around us who have so much to offer us.

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