May 17, 2016: Adam and I’s 2 Year Wedding Anniversary

Needless to say, I have a lot to fight for.

“The faithful love of the LORD never ends! His mercies never cease. Great is his faithfulness; his mercies begin afresh each morning. I say to myself, “The LORD is my inheritance; therefore, I will hope in him!” The LORD is good to those who depend on him, to those who search for him.”
Lamentations 3:22-25 NLT

2013 and 2014 was a special time for me, finishing graduate school and finding my place in the community as a young professional, all while planning my dream wedding. We had so much love and support that year putting all the pieces together and although the weekend came and went so fast, I will never forget the romantics and details of every single moment.

Anniversaries come and go just like other days, but these seasons light back up just as magically (yes like a Taylor Swift music video!) when you stop and reflect back and thank God again and again for being so good. So many people traveled to us to share our day and no thank you will ever do the gratitude justice. 

I love you Adam Bruns. Not sure how you got a California girl to be considered southern but I love our life the way it is today just as much as I did two years ago. Happy anniversary.. Off to reminisce (this time with a baby in tow and a fancy wheelchair in the trunk!)

___ 5am May 18 2016__

Daddy took us back to the ranch we got married at to get some fresh air today on our anniversary & it was so nice to get out into the country after so much time in hospitals and home. BentMay 17 2016ley loved the grounds and enjoyed meeting our friends at the ranch. I want her to grow up knowing what a special place it is to us.

I’ve spent all day praying over her future husband and experiences as my little lioness~ never too early to declare God’s promises over our daughters!
Don’t mind my hair, trying not to comb just in case it decides to leave me this week 😔 (apologies for the little bit of vanity!). 

Ready for a big day today! PET Scan, nutritionist appt, & day 5 radiation. I’m not allowed to be around Beni after the PET scan for a few hours because they’re lighting my insides up like a deep ocean fish so I am holding onto every moment I can with her before… Aka, 5am snuggles.


Our wedding video (online, edited version):

Our wedding photography (Amanda Watson Photography) feature (Sept 2014) in Southern Weddings Magazine:




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