May 16, 2016: Prayers at 3am

Something about the night where Satan tries to whisper lies and light your house on fire with doubt.
Not in this house!

Jesus calm my nerves for day 3 of radiation. Continue bringing the messages and prayer from loved ones who share encouragement and strength. I remain faithful.

She rises to gather strength.
She rises among other lionesses.
She rises to confront enemies.
She rises to walk with her King.



So grateful for Lisa Bevere and her ministry. Without Christ-centered people liker her who spend their time pouring into social media efforts to share the word of God, I wouldn’t have pick me ups like this. One of the Values at our church, Life.Church, is “We will do anything short of sin to reach people who do not know Christ.” I love this because there are a lot of traditionalists in Christian-based churches who bash our church for utilizing technology and social media, which means that those same people/organizations bash others like Lisa Bevere, or Propel Women, or Proverbs 31 Ministries, and so on…heart breaking! We spend tons of time on social media so why not fill our news feeds with Truth and positivity! Makes sense to me. And where is there sin or shame in that? There’s not.
May 16 2016

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