May 14, 2016: Move to the OU Stephenson Cancer Center

Good news friends!
My care has been moved from a cold hospital setting to a warm cancer specialty center here in Oklahoma: Stephenson Cancer Center

My new doctor team (6 of them) took my case immediately and moved into action. They spent their whole Friday evening explaining, educating, and answering questions for me and my family. We were prepared with options and given empowerment for swift action.
They agreed to release me from the hospital so I was able to go home lastnight with the help of my family and get a little more comfortable (and be able to snuggle my baby girl and animals!)- I just have to be very diligent with my medications and diet and be cautious of changing symptoms. 

We have already started radiation treatment this morning. This is a 2 week radiation plan that will treat my whole brain, part of my spine where some cancer is pressing against my spinal cord, and my eliac hip area. The goal of the radiation is to shrink the cancer off the major organs as fast as possible. (I’ll spare the details of what radiation is like until I’m a little more comfortable with the process and side effects.)

Meanwhile, my pathology is under further research at the Mayo Clinic where they’re looking for specific molecular mutations so my systemic treatments (chemo) can be tailored to my body and what it needs to fight. We are praying that they find the mutations easily so a pill form can be developed for me rather than having to continue visits each day for IV. We should hear on that next week.

I am doing my best to remain positive for all the reasons you know, but I want to be clear that I am not strong in my own understanding but relying completely on God through this season. My dear friend and mentor through graduate school Diane Rudebock sent a devotional this morning that outlined exactly where I need to be right now: not in fear of my own limitations but in His presence where His limitless resources will provide. Adam and I are in this no matter what the cost: “Yes God”.

I sincerely apologize for missing tons of messages as they pour in; know that they mean the world and I’ll do my best to keep up and provide updates so our intentional prayer chains can continue. I love you all and want to leave you with the challenge of considering Jesus each day. His love for you is unique, profound, and alive!

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