June 18, 2016: Lavender & Lashes

The color lavender has become our Jeni Strong color of strength this last month. Not sure “why” other than the fact that February is a special month to me, with Bentley’s birthday along with mine, my mom’s, and my niece and nephew’s! Our birth stone is Amethyst, which is found in a variety of beautiful purples. And our friends who designed our logos chose purple by divine guidance. 

Not-so ironically, I came to find out the Cancer Color for “all cancers” is lavender. Today, let’s pray with all those effected by any kind of cancer. Children, adults, families, and friends all around our world going through your journey; I pray you feel this color of strength wrap around you and smell the beauty of fresh flowers to calm any fears. I pray you experience a moment consumed in the presence of our Healer and Heavenly Father who knows you and your calling. 


Also as a happy Saturday post before a long health update later, my Lead Doctor sat us down to list the side effects of my new “chemo pill” and he mentioned “elongated eyelashes” in the same sentence as the not so fun things (like not responding to the treatment leading to death, among others). My mom and I thought he was kidding and making a joke trying to make me feel better… but he wasn’t. He said it was a “real side effect”.. Okay Tarceva, I love you! (Tarceva research shows 70% positive responsiveness for my kind of cancer/mutation combo!) 

While enjoying some fuller lashes this weekend, I am also wearing my Be Brave necklace from @rylieshore! I am encouraged to be brave each day and surround myself with shades of purple and all things beautiful, like all of you. 


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