June 8 2016: PM Vibes

Today has been the toughest day on this journey so far. Friends, I ask that you stand with me and my family in intentional prayer tonight.

June 8 2016 Hospital AdmitMy procedure this morning was cancelled due to blood work coming back showing a drastic drop in my platelet levels (46k when normal is 150-500k) which would have put a normal liver b
iopsy into a dangerous potential bleed out situation. We thank God that the doctor I had followed procedure to check what he needed to beforehand and I was kept safe. 

Because we cannot biopsy the liver, I am no longer able to be in the clinical trial out of Yale because there are no other non invasive areas to get more cancerous tissue that hasn’t received radiation already. We thank God for the protection in this and trust I was not meant to be in that trial. My systemic treatment (Tarceva targeted therapy pills) will actually begin sooner now, which is great.

In addition to the platelet issue, they found two blood clots in veins in both my legs, which is why I have been bruising and having swelling/pain in my legs and feet. I cannot go on blood thinners (normal care) because of my platelet levels. Therefore, I have been admitted to the hospital to have a surgery implanting a valve to protect the clots from moving up into my lungs.

All is well, just emotional from so many changes in one day.

Bentley came to watch the softball game with me (congrats OU!) and we praise each day for the love we have, whether at home or in a hospital.

Thank you for praying with us for all those involved. This is not about me.


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