May 10th, 2016: Emotional Overload

I’m exhausted and emotional, but, God is as good today as he was yesterday.
I usually don’t post overly personal information on social media but there are too many loved ones to call for the amount of free time we have so here’s our update.
I was admitted to the ER Monday afternoon with some worrisome/worsening symptoms of slurred speech, a numMay 10 2016b right leg, and lower back pain that wouldn’t subside. Our family doctor’s office encouraged me to go in since her orders for tests weren’t coming through fast enough. She was the 4th dr I saw in the 7 weeks of struggle and the first to “listen” to me and show concern.

Since being admitted I’ve been transferred to a bigger hospital with a neurology unit as scans show masses in various spots on my brain. There are also spots down my vertebrae and across my liver, ribs, and hip. As of now, we don’t have confirmation of what the masses are exactly but will hopefully know after tomorrow’s biopsy. There are many potential outcomes and we’re taking one day at a time.

I ask nothing more than continued prayers with those who’ve already audaciously joined us. We have given this situation as a family to our Healer and have had the love of so many people show up in real, meaningful ways. I am forever grateful.

…Until we know what’s next I’ll be on this “brain unit” floor giving the staff a run for their money and hugging on my sweet baby.